UncategorizedRepublicans may put the brakes on another Trump shutdown

After the longest government shutdown in history, 35 days, President Trump has indicated that he may move to shut down the government again over the border wall after the current three weeks of funding are over. But signs point to Republicans in Congress not having it.

Behind closed doors, POLITICO reports, Republican lawmakers are looking at the polling and the economy and want nothing to do with another shutdown.

“I did not love the shutdown. I wouldn’t think anybody would have another shutdown,” said Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri said. Blunt was one of the primary figures in the room in negotiations over funding for the border wall.

“I don’t think we want to face another shutdown,” Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah said. “And I certainly don’t think we want to have emergency action taken. So the president and Congress will have to come together. It goes almost without saying that shutdowns are a very bad idea. And we should not use them as a political weapon,” Romney added, as he enjoyed his first day in the Senate with the government fully open

The two parties are meeting over border wall funding behind closed doors. If negotiations don’t yield any solutions, as appears likely, the choice to close down the government again may not be as politically possible for the president as he may think.