LocalPoliticsRegionsWorldMajor fallout from BuzzFeed’s disputed story about Trump directing his lawyer to lie

Online news outlet BuzzFeed came out late last week with an explosive story about collusion between Russia and President Trump, claiming that Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who previously admitted that he lied to Congress about the duration of the Trump Organization’s talks about building a Trump Tower Moscow, was directly instructed to lie by President Trump himself.

The story cited two federal law enforcement agents involved with the investigation but hasn’t been independently verified by other outlets.

After the story came out, there was a long pause from the Mueller team before they took the unprecedented step of publicly claiming the story was “not accurate.”

The Washington Post has a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the decision within the Special Counsel’s office to first decline to comment and then to feel the need to correct the record after some internal fact-finding and deliberation.

But BuzzFeed refused to issue a correction, retraction, or take down the story. Their editor-in-chief said he stands by the story and he urged Mueller to clarify what exactly he was refuting and what about the reporting was inaccurate.

Hopefully, the truth will all come out in the Special Counsel’s final report. Investigators seems to be inching closer and closer to Trump and his closest family members and associates but highly disputed reporting may only muddy the waters at an already turbulent time.