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The government shutdown continues with no end in sight and the impasse is taking a toll on President Trump’s approval rating, people’s pocketbooks, and our nation’s economy.

The White House admitted that the economic fallout from the ongoing shutdown is significant worse than it had originally projected. A White House official not only doubled the estimated economic cost of the shutdown but said that if the shutdown lasts the rest of this month, it could subtract a sizable half a percentage point from the national GDP.

More and more congressional Republicans, from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), are anxious to re-open the government.

President Trump is calling nearly 50,000 federal workers back to the office, including IRS employees with tax season about to b in full swing. But all 46,000 of those people are expected to work without pay and hundreds of thousands of federal workers are feeling the impact after their first missed paycheck.

As more and more GOP lawmakers split with the President, he’s got to be feeling nervous about his strategy to double down on the wall. And this Fox News headline probably isn’t assuaging any concerns in the White House:

“Trump doubles down on border wall, as polls show voters turning against his shutdown strategy”

Fox cites multiple polls that show Americans blame Trump, not the Democrats for the shutdown, in some cases by double digits.

Given how committed Trump is to Fox News, it’ll be interesting to see if this shifts his stance at all.