LocalPoliticsRegionsWorldBernie Sanders meets with staffers alleging a culture of sexual harassment on 2016 campaign

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, a 2016 Democrat presidential candidate and likely 2020 contender, met with a group of former campaign staffers and volunteers urging him to address a culture of sexual harassment and violence on his 2016 campaign should he decide to make another White House run.

About 30 people attended the meeting with Sanders and his wife Jane. It followed the delivery of a letter staffers used to request the meeting to “discuss the issue of sexual violence and harassment on the 2016 campaign, for the purpose of planning to mitigate the issue in the upcoming presidential cycle.”

“In recent weeks there has been an ongoing conversation on social media, in texts, and in person, about the untenable and dangerous dynamic that developed during our campaign,” the letter read.

This week’s meeting was billed as a first step in improving the culture of future Sanders organizations. Next steps included more research and fact-finding into what happened in 2016, and creating a roadmap for both future Sanders campaigns and other presidential campaigns to follow.

Following the meeting, one attendee said, “It went as well as it could have,” but declined to elaborate further.