UncategorizedTrump to pull the emergency switch on shutdown?

President Trump has just about had it with this shutdown.

Democrats have made it very clear that they won’t budge on the issue of securing our border and protecting our homeland. Not only will they not fund the wall, they won’t even discuss it. Guess that’s what happens when you put someone as hard-headed as Nancy Pelosi in charge of things.

Meanwhile, no one benefits from a shutdown. Politics has come to a standstill, and thousands of government workers have either been sent home without pay or are continuing to work without any expectation of back pay for this period. Trash is piling up along our national parks, and essential services are slower than ever.

Now, Trump is talking about taking things to the next level: declaring a national emergency.

“We’re looking at a national emergency because we have a national emergency,” Trump told reporters over the weekend, “just read the papers.”

United States law absolutely empowers the sitting President to reroute funding from Army construction plans to urgent civil works projects during a national emergency. The question is whether this meets those qualifications. The President, obviously, says it does.

Remember: Democrats have the power to end this shutdown without reverting to a state of emergency. They’re just choosing not to.