BusinessPoliticsWorldRepublican lawmaker support for the shutdown starts to crumble

With the government shutdown showing no signs of ending and President Trump standing firm in his demand for $5.7 billion for a border wall, moderate Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska and some purple-state Senators are getting increasingly nervous about the political and substantive ramifications of the stand-off.

Following the President’s address to the nation on the situation at the border, Sen. Murkowski indicated she wants the shutdown to end, saying:

“We don’t need to hold up these six other departments at the same time that we are resolving these very important security issues. Let’s bifurcate these issues, let’s set them aside, let’s allow for the operations, these governmental functions of these six other departments, allow for them to continue.”

Other GOP Senators Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, and Shelley Moore Capito have also supported an end to the shutdown.

Eight House Republicans have also broken with President Trump on the wall.