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California’s new Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom, came out swinging against President Trump in his inauguration speech, calling the administration “incompetent.”

“We will offer an alternative to the corruption and incompetence in the White House,” Newsom said in his inaugural address. “Our government will be progressive, principled, and always on the side of the people.”

“There is an administration in Washington that is clearly hostile to California and California’s interests,” Newsom said.

“People’s lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe — they all hang in the balance,” he added. “The country is watching us. The world is waiting on us. The future depends on us. And we will seize this moment.”

The former mayor of San Francisco was critical of the president on the campaign trail for the governor’s mansion, repeatedly ridiculing the president’s border wall and calling him a “sad, scared bully.”

Democrats control the governorship in California as well as the state legislature, with a veto-proof majority in both houses.