EconomyLocalRegionsUncategorizedWorldLikely Democrat contenders for office begin lining up behind “Medicare For All”

With Elizabeth Warren’s jump into the Democrat presidential nominating campaign on New Year’s Eve, another left-wing candidate has emerged to support a radical program to raise taxes and give health care to every individual in America.

Warren’s announcement video touted her endorsement of “Medicare for All,” a proposal popular among Democrats to expand Medicare so that every individual in America is covered by a federal health insurance program.

The idea has caught on among the left wing since Bernie Sanders, Independent senator from Vermont, made it a key campaign plank in his failed run for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2015 and 2016.

Warren has spoken repeatedly in the past of her desire to force health care on the entire country as well as defend “working people” against “income inequality.”

Though Warren is among the first Democrat 2020 contenders to come out with guns blazing for unpopular widespread health care policies, she likely won’t be the last. Health care is a popular hobbyhorse among the left, and likely to be a key rallying point for radical policies that would go beyond Obamacare to impose health care on a more widespread population than the 20 million who gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act.